All done….

4314 Hamilton

We finally reached the finish line……

In mid October 2017, we moved in on top of the builders and turned Wishful Thinking into our everyday home. It’s taken a while to get settled and we still have more to do, but it’s amazing how fast this became our comfortable home.

bathroom_finished Master Bathroom: tub is used a lot. This is one of my favorite spaces in the house. So relaxing, so private.







Master bedroom: an oasis just off the main living. The Master bedroom is actually the first door just off the front entrance, so it is incredibly close to the main living area, but when the door is closed, it feels completely separate. A lovely refuge that is separated from the three children’s bedrooms on the 2nd floor.


Main Room: all the living in a single space. We weren’t sure how this room was going to work out. How to fit dining, living, music, storage- all into one space that isn’t overly big? It actually works just fine. So comfy to be able to sit on the new sofa and soak in the light from the windows or just enjoy the energy of what’s happening around you. The dining table is temporary until we find something better, but it’s working for now.

kitchen_finished.jpgA kitchen in use: when we designed the house, we kept the kitchen separated from the main house slightly- much to the horror of potential builders who insisted that *everyone* wanted open concept. We didn’t: we actually *use* our kitchen….and it is always a mess. So, the kitchen is just off the main room so that it doesn’t feel isolated, but it’s not so much in the living area that you feel guilty for not running and doing the dishes.

2nd floor bookshelves

We have a lot of books. We’ve gotten rid of a lot of books, but bookshelves were a top priority in the house. This is the second major item I built for the house: black iron piping and ship-lap shelves in the 2nd floor hallway.

outdoor shed

This is actually the first major thing I built for the house: a 10’x12′ outdoor shed. With no basement, storage for bulky items is at a premium, so we new that a shed was going to be a priority. And with a move-in date of mid October, it was a bit of a race to order the shed and get it built before the weather changed for good.



So, there it is: the journey of Wishful Thinking come to a transition: away from work-in-progress to everyday abode. There is still a lot of work to do: many years of landscaping, finishes and adding features that work, but the bulk of the hard work is done.

We’re so excited to live everyday in this house and enjoy all the wonderful little features that make this a comfortable, beautiful, totally unique home.




Landscape Plan

Back early in our build blog, we talked a bit about LEED certification and why we’re doing it. As part of the LEED Certification process, the applicants are required to submit a landscape plan that shows intent to create a responsible yard. This means planting predominantly drought-resistant plants and avoiding anything invasive.

Here’s the blurb from the Green Building Council on water efficiency:

LEED statement

City code prevents us from doing much with gray water and reclamation, but we can definitely reduce our water footprint by having less water-dependent plants covering the landscape. Lucky for us, drought tolerant also goes with no-fuss gardening, so I’m all in for plants that don’t need a lot of my attention during the hot summer.

Here’s our final landscape plan:170612_4314 Hamilton_landscape plan

The light green areas represent grass- much more than we have now, but it’s a special blend to require less watering. There’s also a number of really great trees already on the property that create lovely shade pools, so we’re taking advantage of those. We also have many, many perennials from our current house that we’re moving over: three different varieties of Hosta, super hearty Helleborus, several clumps of Black-eyed Susans we actually got from a neighbor and have gotten huge even in the single year they’ve been planted.

Also with Wishful Thinking, we finally get a larger amount of sun garden, so the plans quickly filled up with Echinacea and Salvia plants: sturdy perennials with gorgeous flowers. Combined with a lot of rock mulch and some big stones, the landscape should complement the stone and tile of the house itself.

There is, of course, space for a vegetable garden: how else will we get tomatoes and basil all summer?  We’re still looking for the ideal placement to get the most sun, but hopefully near the driveway will work. And having the large garden shed and new, bigger compost bins will help everything be healthy and happy.

So, net: we get a nice-looking, easy to maintain yard and we get to have a responsible environmental footprint. Win, win.

Finished Tile

Time moves slowly at Wishful Thinking, but incremental process still happens. Here’s the finished tile in the Master Bath with the tub and other fixtures in place.



The same tile is used throughout the house for consistency.

Here is the upstairs bath:






And here is the kitchen:


You can get a glimpse of the sweet countertops here, but here is a better look at the high counter in the main room:countertop

There’s still a few more details for the builders to wrap up: all the moulding, etc., but we’re definitely getting close!

Details going in, Part 2

Mid April interior

With the drywall complete and painted, the last of the HVAC has been installed. While all the rest of the system is inside walls, this last stem sticks out into the main room, giving a more modern industrial feel and allowing the ceiling to be higher.

The electricians are also busy installing all the lights and fans into the house.

Lighting 1

Lighting 2

Details going in, part 1


As we looked at previously, the details are starting to appear at Wishful Thinking. Every day, a little bit more appears at the house and gets installed. Here we have: kitchen cabinets!

We chose a really simple cabinet face (yes, it will have handles) to match the overall modern feel. The dark wood will contrast the gray floor and really white walls.

Cabinets 3

The kitchen will be a little smaller than what we have now, but isn’t doubling as a pathway to the backdoor, so the space will be more useful. I’m excited about the windows and being about to look out into the yard.